Payton Coolers ( An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company ) was founded on 4+ years of technical expertise in the cooling industry. But more than that, it was founded on years of listening to clients. Hearing out their needs.And creating truly innovative products to match those needs.

We have been offering eco-friendly solutions to make the nation, a green and cool place.

India's demographic condition make it experience dry heat & humid warmth throughout the year. Simply put, we manufacture the highest quality, most advanced cooling equipment on the market today.

All while providing our customers and employees with a feeling of partnership with our company.We honor honesty, integrity, innovation, fun, and community values as part of our business philosophy.

Currently , we are dealing in Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat with the vision to expand throughout the country.

Our team is a family, and that’s how we want our customers to feel too.


  • Best Quality Product
  • Joint Less Body
  • Shock Proof Body
  • Remote Control